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The EagleTac D25C is lightweight and compact every-day-carry (EDC) flashlight that carries a lot more functionality than it looks. It has an incredible amount of flexibility with its outputs and modes while retaining a simple and straight-forward user design.

EagleTac is a lesser-known tactical flashlight brand when compared to Fenix, SureFire or Nitecore. They have some hidden gems like the D25C Clicky - and likely many more that we will review.

The EagleTac D25C Clicky is great as your EDC flashlight, and activities like walking/hiking at night, home use, camping or outdoor. It carries similar features you would find in a strict-tactical focused flashlight - but we suggest looking for a larger sized light for that type of use.


Output and Runtime

The EagleTac D25C sold on Amazon uses a CREE XM-L2 U2 bulb with a maximum output of 453 lumens. You can get different types of runtimes and output-levels depending on the bulb you choose for the D25C.

The LED bulb has a soft hot spot with a good amount of flood. The flashlight reproduces an object’s colors well and provides a warm color-balance.

  • High:
    • Output: 453 lumens
    • Runtime: 0.9 hours
  • Medium:
    • Output: 296 lumens
    • Runtime: 1.6 hours
  • Low:
    • Output: 33 lumens
    • Runtime: 10 hours
  • Moonlight:
    • Output: 1 lumen
    • Runtime: 150+ hours

Maximum Throw/Beam Distance

The D25C has a light textured aluminum reflector. Along with its XM-L2 U2 bulb the EagleTac D25C has a maximum throw of 115 yards or 130 meters (m).


This EagleTac flashlight is very user-friendly despite the amount of outputs and modes it provides.

You simply click the tail-switch to turn it on/off. Then half-press to cycle through from low, medium, high. To access strobe and turbo, you can twist the bezel and half-press.

There is a memory function you can activate to remember the most recent mode. You can turn activate it by turning on the light, and twisting the bezel back and forth three times.

The D25C Clicky also features 7 special modes. Simply turn it on, cycle to the high mode and double click. You can then half-press to cycle through the special modes below:

  1. Fast strobe
  2. Faster strobe
  3. Flash
  4. Fast SOS
  5. Slow SOS
  6. Beacon
  7. Faster beacon

You wouldn’t be using these modes on a daily basis but it’s nice to know they’re handy just in case. It can prove to be useful when signalling others.

There are also


The D25C flashlight uses a CR123A lithium-ion battery. These batteries are quite common nowadays, and you can purchase a rechargeable or spare for emergencies. Or, for an emergency situation, you can carry another flashlight that runs on triple AAA or double AA batteries.

It has your standard reverse polarity protection to prevent damage in case you install the battery incorrectly.

Material and Durability

The EagleTac D25C Clicky flashlight is made of all-metal aerospace aluminum. It has a nice texture and knurling for a firm grip.

The lens is unique in that it is user-replaceable glass after having a build-up of scratches and dents - although it does come with impact resistant lens.

The tail-cap and be conveniently used as a tail-stand.

Waterproof / Water Resistance

The D25C flashlight is rated IPX-8 for waterproof and good for functioning in water submersion.

Conclusion: Our EagleTac D25C Review

The EagleTac D25C is by-far the EDC flashlight that packs the most functionality of outputs and modes. What makes it more incredible is how EagleTac kept it user-friendly and intuitive. In addition to being durable, IPX-8 waterproof, light-weight and compact, the D25C clicky really blows the EDC competition out of the park.

The only reason why you might not want this flashlight is if you’re looking for a double AA or triple AAA battery-type of flashlight. In that case, don’t forget to check out the MicroStream, Stylus Pro, E05 or Olite S1!

But we definitely suggest you check out the EagleTac D25C on Amazon!

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