Fenix is a Chinese-based general EDC flashlight manufacturer. They are strong competitors with their Singaporean counterpart NiteCore - in that they are made with high-quality but at better price points than other American brands. Fenix is part of many major international organizations such as the Outdoor Industry Association, Portable Lights American Trade Organization and National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The Fenix PD35 is a powerful and compact tactical flashlight. Fenix (Shenzhen Fenixlight Limited) is a Chinese manufacturer that focuses on outdoor sport and military lighting tools including: Middle to high grade flashlights Headlamps Laterns Bike lights Light accessories The PD line-up provides high durability due to its hard adonized... Read more

The Fenix E05 is one of many of our recommended portable and compact every-day-carry (EDC) lights. The E05 is small, yet durable while providing an effective lighting solution in harsh conditions. Like the other EDC lights on our website, the Fenix E05 is perfect for camping, hiking and dark areas... Read more

The Fenix TK16 is a 1000 lumen LED flashlight with a new and unique dual tactical switch. It’s the upgrade to the previous best-selling TK15 with a better design and functionality. The TK16 flashlight’s design, efficiency and wide-range of accessories make it one of the best tactical flashlights on the... Read more

The Fenix LD09 is an incredible every day carry flashlight that is built to be powerful, durable, and stylish. It is a compact 130/220 lumen LED flashlight with a unique intelligent drive circuit that instantly knows the type of battery that has been inserted and will automatically select the best... Read more

The Fenix LD75C is a compact but powerful 4200 lumen LED flashlight that is unique in that it comes with secondary multi-color white, green, red and blue LEDs that are easily accessible with slide switch mode. This compact light would be very suitable as your EDC. At less than 16-cm... Read more

The Fenix LD22 2015 Edition is an upgraded version now at 300 lumens of max output. It is branded as a tactical flashlight but offers two types of modes: outdoor and tactical. After reviewing the LD22, we feel that the LD22 would be best suited for outdoor use given the... Read more

The Fenix E12 is a compact LED flashlight with a max output of 130 lumens. It is a simple flashlight with a sturdy build quality and simple functionality. The E12 flashlight is one of Fenix’s most EDC’s, alongside the PD35 and the EO5. The E12 is the upgraded version of... Read more