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The Streamlight Stylus Pro is a great little EDC flashlight that is slim, durable and provides enough light for most day-to-day use. The 66118 Stylus Pro is a simple flashlight that just works.

We recommend the Stylus Pro for general indoor or workspace settings like working in a crawl space, attic, circuit breaker, etc. This Streamlight flashlight isn’t really suitable for intense tactical settings and recommend going for a higher-end flashlight, like the Klarus XT11GT or SureFire G2X for that type of use.


Output and Runtime

The Streamlight 66118 only has one output mode with a maximum output of 90 lumens and runtime of 6.50 hours.

Peak Beam Intensity / Throw Distance

The 66118 has a peak beam intensity of 860 candela per lumen. It makes for a nice compact spot beam with a nice spill.

Its maximum throw distance is 58 meter.

Like other Streamlight flashlights, the Stylus Pro uses its proprietary C4 LED bulb with a natural light color that advertises a lifetime of 60,000 hours; very impressive for a flashlight in this affordable price range.


The Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro conveniently uses two triple AAA batteries. We definitely recommend using rechargeable batteries with these.


This Stylus Pro penlight is extremely user-friendly featuring only a single tail cap button switch. You can lightly press the button for momentary or click for a constant beam.

Material and Durability

Size and Weight

The Streamlight 66118 weighs very light at 1.640 ounces or 46.49 grams. It has a length short enough to fit in your pocket of 5.3 inches or 13.46 cm.


The Stylus Pro is available in Black, Blue, Red and Silver colors.


Durability is where the Stylus Pro really shines. As a solid EDC flashlight, this flashlight can handle many hits and drops to the floor. The lens is both unbreakable and scratch resistant poly-carbonate. While it is rubber sealed, we don’t recommend submerging the flashlight underwater.

It has an indestructible pocket clip so you’re more likely to lose the light than snap off the clip.

Stylus Pro vs MicroStream

The different between the Stylus Pro and the MicroStream comes down to whether you’re looking for single triple AAA or double triple AAA battery powered flashlight. While the MicroStream is more compact, the Stylus Pro has a longer runtime and much brighter.

They’re both very durable but the MicroStream has an official IPX rating for water resistance and a documented measure of impact resistance.

Conclusion: Our Streamlight Stylus Pro Review

The Streamlight Stylus Pro is a compact and durable flashlight that offers effective lighting for most home settings. It is powered by two triple AAA batteries and with its simple one button click functionality - the Stylus Pro just works. If you’re looking for a smaller light, you can definitely check out our review on the Streamlight MicroStream

The Stylus Pro is definitely up there for every-day-carry (EDC) flashlights.

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