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The SureFire Sidekick is a more-general, everyone-can-use type of flashlight when compared to SureFire’s tactical counterparts. It is a very compact and powerful LED flashlight designed to be carried with your keys.


Modes and Light Output

The Sidekick has three light outputs:

  • High
    • Light output: 300 lumens
    • Runtime: 1.25 hours
  • Medium (med)
    • Light output: 60 lumens
    • Runtime: 4 hours
  • Low
    • Light output: 5 lumens
    • Runtime: 45 hours

The max runtime (high) is based on ANSI standards with the included rechargeable battery.

In a practical setting, the high output mode is super bright and perfect for 50 meter distances, despite having a throw of 66 meters. At low-output mode, the Sidekick is perfect for seeing in a dark room.

What is the SureFire Sidekick’s throw distance?

The Sidekick has a throw distance of 66 meters (m).

Is the Sidekick waterproof?

This keychain flashlight is weather resistant but not waterproof. We do not recommend submerging it underwater.

Additional Features

  • High-performance LED
  • Smooth and broadh MaxVision Beam thanks to its special faceted reflector
  • Click switch to change between the 3 output modes
  • Micro USB charging
  • Integrated Lithium ion battery (Li-ion)


  • Split ring
  • 2.5cm x 1 cm carabiner clip with an inner-hole diamater of 0.5cm and an opening width of 3 mm.

The clip is made of a high-strength aerospace aluminum and weighs 2 grams.


The Sidekick features an integrated Li-ion battery that is micro-USB charger. Perfect for on-the-go with your laptop or car.

With the included charger, the LED blinks during the charge and stops when it is full.

The battery takes ~ 3 hours for a 90% charge.

Material and Durability


  • Length: 2.5 inches
  • Beze Diameter: 0.58 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces (2.0 ounces with batteries)

The Sidekick is extremely small and light, roughly the same size as a car key fob.


The Sidekick is designed to be used along with your keychain. It can handle being jingled with other keys or in your pocket.

It is made of plastic so impact resistance is fairly minimal. It should avoid being dropped or stepped on.


The SureFire Sidekick’s switch is designed and stiff enough to not accidentally turn on.

Unfortunately there is no USB cover slot to prevent dust or water from going in it.

Conclusion: Our SureFire Sidekick Review

The SureFire Sidekick is a perfect everyday flashlight (EDC) for your keychain. It packs a powerful light in its small and portable size - perfect for any emergency situations.

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