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The Streamlight ProTac 2L (88031) is a compact and light tactical flashlight. It is the successor light to the ProTac 1L and perfect for tactical or as an EDC (every day carry). Like most Streamlight flashlights, the 88031 model is very sturdy and robust. We highly recommend this light.

The Streamlight 88031 ProTac 2L is perfect for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Security
  • Emergency medical situations
  • Sporting goods
  • Hardware/tool and personal use


Light Output and Runtime

This ProTac flashlight has 3 output/modes:

  • High:
    • Output: 260 lumens
    • Runtime: 3 hours
    • Intensity: 5,600 candela per lumen (cd/lm)
  • Low
    • Output: 13 lumens
    • Runtime: 50 hours
    • Intensity: 300 candela per lumen (cd/lm)
  • Strobe

The strobe runs on the same output and intensity as the flashlight’s high mode but has a runtime of 6 hours.

It uses a C4 LED bulb which helps it output a bright light despite its small size.

What is the ProTac 2L’s throw distance?

The 88031 has a throw distance of 150 meters in high mode and 35 meters in low mode.

Switch and Usability


The Streamlight ProTac 2L is a very easy-to-use EDC light. It has a tail switch button to cycle through the high, low and strobe modes with half-clicks. A half-depress allows for a momentary light. A full depress turns the light on and off.

Hand-gun Use

Some users have recommended wrapping this light with grip tape and using a syringe grip with a hand gun. The momentary function allows for quick on-off use.

Size and Material


The ProTac 2L flashlight has anodized aluminum construction. It features a lens with impact-resistant glass. The 88030 is impact-resistant up to 2 meters and has an anti-roll head which is helpful when working on slanted surfaces.

Water Proof / Resistant

The light is O-ring sealed and IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Weight and Size

As stated before, the 88030 is very light with a weight of 2.8 batteries (with batteries). It has 4.77 inches of length, body diameter of 0.90 inches, and barrel diameter of 0.77 inches.

It is a good size to carry in your pocket as well without adding too much weight.


The flashlight is compatible with to CR123A lithium ion batteries (li-ion) and has a maximum runtime of 50 hours on low mode.

It provides solid state power regulation which enables max light output for the entire battery runtime.


The Streamlight ProTac 2L holster is included when bought from Amazon. It is made of nylon material with a velcro strap. You can also check out higher-quality holsters with leather material from brands like Stallion Leather.

This tactical flashlight includes a removable clip-on. The clip-on is well made and sturdy - no need to worry about damaging it.

Conclusion: Our Streamlight ProTac 2L Review

The Streamlight ProTac 2L is a bright, compact tactical flashlight perfect for either combat or as an EDC light. It is very user-friendly and durable enough for any situation. The flashlight is well-priced. We highly recommend the ProTac 2L.

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