Streamlight is tactical flashlight manufacturer based in Pennsylvania, United States. The company is a reputable brand that offers a more competitive price to SureFire or NiteCore. They also offer different rechargeable and disposable batteries.

The Streamlight MicroStream is a super compact, durable and bright every-day-carry (EDC) pen light. It is incredibly user-friendly and comes at an affordable price. The Streamlight 66318 is perfect as your key chain flashlight, in your tool-box or hunting/outdoor jacket - and general indoor home use. The size and output... Read more

The Streamlight PolyTac 88850 is a great multi-situational tactical flashlight that excels especially when mounted onto a firearm. It is a very bright flashlight with a good size that is just as effective handheld. The PolyTac 88850 is great for home or general activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, walking,... Read more

The Streamlight ProTac 2L (88031) is a compact and light tactical flashlight. It is the successor light to the ProTac 1L and perfect for tactical or as an EDC (every day carry). Like most Streamlight flashlights, the 88031 model is very sturdy and robust. We highly recommend this light. The... Read more

The Streamlight TLR-1 HL is different from the typical tactical flashlight we reviewed on the site. What separates the TLR-1 HL to the others is that it’s specifically designed to be mounted onto a firearm’s accessory rail - unlike it’s handheld counter parts like the 88040 ProTac HL. The HL... Read more

The Streamlight Stylus Pro is a great little EDC flashlight that is slim, durable and provides enough light for most day-to-day use. The 66118 Stylus Pro is a simple flashlight that just works. We recommend the Stylus Pro for general indoor or workspace settings like working in a crawl space,... Read more

The ProTac HL is Streamlight’s high lumen product series that caters to their tactical market. The 88040 model offers 750 lumens of output and is perfect for the law enforcement and security fields. Streamlight is an American flashlight company based in Eagleville Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for a tactical flashlight... Read more