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The Lux Pro LP600 (or LuxPro LP600) is a budget flashlight that provides everything you would need in an every-day-carry (EDC) flashlight. While commonly found in store departments like Lowes and Walmart, you can also check out the LP600 on Amazon.

Lux Pro is a lesser known flashlight brand that provides lights mainly for general use and not tactical. They offer lanterns, area and work lighting solutions as well.

The LP600 Lux Pro is extremely well-made and very competitively priced considering the brightness of the light, durability and mode/functions.

While not meant for tactical use, this Lux Pro flashlight would you serve you well for road-side emergencies, camping or at home.



The LP600 flashlight features 5 different modes and outputs:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

It has a 7-hour runtime which we can assume would apply to the low mode. On the high mode with its max output at 320 lumens, you’re likely only going to get 20-40 minutes of high-mode use out of it. In reality, you’re probably going to be using medium and low most of the time.

For an inexpensive flashlight, the light has a decent amount of throw and the beam color is a relatively clean white. It has a wide spot beam with lots of flood surrounding it.


THe LP600 only has one rubber button tail-switch that clicks to turn on and off. Once turned on, you can half-press it to cycle from high, medium, low, strobe and SOS - in that order. Something we were surprised to find is the built-in smart memory. If you turn it back on within ~1 second, the Lux Pro LP600 will remember that last output or mode you last left it on.

Material and Durability

For this inexpensive flashlight, you’re getting a nice all-metal aluminum body with a rough rubber material for the handle that gives it a solid grip. The rubber texture has some knurling, and overall it doesn’t feel as inexpensive as it actually is.

The LP600 weighs extremely light at 0.400 oz. It is 1.5 inches wide and a length of 5.5 inches.

This Lux Pro flashlight is water resistant without an IPX-rating. It should be fine outside in the rain or if you drop it in the pond for an instant. We wouldn’t submerge it underwater.

There’s also no listed measurement of impact resistance. That being said, for the price of the LP600 flashlight you can get 3 of them for the cost of a SureFire one.

The flashlight also be used as tail-stand to serve as a candlelight.


The LP600 flashlight conveniently uses 4 triple AAA batteries. You can make up for the short runtimes by carrying some spares with you. The batteries are also included when you buy them from Amazon.

Conclusion: Our Lux Pro LP600 Review

You’re probably not going to get a better flashlight for the same price - to be honest. At 320 lumens, the Lux Pro LP600 is bright enough for most use. It is simple and straight-forward to use with its one button tail-switch. The only down-side is the low runtimes - but that can be offset by having a few extra spare batteries.

Overall, we highly recommend this flashlight as a general emergency light. It’s priced low enough that you can buy 2-3 and versatile for most settings.

If you’re looking for something more tactial you can check out something by SureFire or Nitecore. Or you can check out the Outlite A100 or OxyLED MD50 for two additional great but inexpensive flashlights.

Anyways, be sure to check on the Lux Pro LP600 on Amazon!

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