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The TM36 is a powerful searchlight with a very impressive throw, similar to NiteCore’s TM26. It features an LED most typical with high-output flashlights and designed for maximum heat dissipation. Our NiteCore TM36 review will cover the torch’s specs, functionality, and beam - including how the light may differ from the other tactical flashlights featured on our site.

We recommend getting the TM36 flashlight if you are comfortable with a heavier light, and would prefer to trade off portability for a stronger light. The Tiny Monster TM36 is great for search and rescue, stationary lighting, or anything you feel would take advantage of the incredible throw this torch has.


The TM36 NiteCore features a total of 5 different output modes, as well as strobe, SOS and beacon.

Maximum Outputs and Runtimes

  • Turbo:
    • Output: 1800 lumens
    • Runtime: 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • High:
    • Output: 800 lumens
    • Runtime: 5 hours and 30 minutes
  • Mid:
    • Output: 400 lumens
    • Runtime: 11 hours
  • Low:
    • Output: 200 lumens
    • Runtime: 21 hours
  • Lower:
    • Output: 50 lumens
    • Runtime: 57 hours

LED Bulb

The NiteCore TM36 uses a LUMINUS SBT-70 LED. In contrast to the more common CREE XML LED bulbs you find in tactical flashlights, the SBT-70 can handle much higher outputs while trading off the power efficiencies the CREE bulbs typically take advantage of.

It’s worth noting that the LED emitter is round rather than square shape, providing a more focused hot spot with no corners.

Throw / Beam Distance

The TM36 flashlight has an impressive maximum throw distance of 1100 meters (m) when using its turbo or max output. The large reflector and SBT-70 LED are key contributers for such a long throw distance.


The Tiny Monster TM36 separates its modes based on how your power on your light.

With the side-switch button, a full-press starts in turbo mode, and you can half-press again to access the high mode. A half-press begins in lower mode, and gives you the ability to cycle between: lower, low, medium and high.

You can double click the side-switch to activate strobe, half-press for strobe, and continually half-press for SOS and beacon modes consecutively.

There is a cool OLED display that shows the flashlight’s voltage, output mode (turbo, low, etc.), throw distance, battery indicator, current temperature and status (charging, locked out, etc.).

Because the flashlight is so heavy, you can mount the light on a tripod for stationary lighting.


As mentioned above, the beam is highly focused and the TM36 outputs a very well-defined hotspot. It has a good amount of even spill with a soft fade-out. As you increase your lumen-output, the hotspot diameter and the amount of spill becomes larger.


Instead of the 18650, 14500, AA/AAA batteries found in tactical lights, the TM36 NiteCore uses a detachable battery pack. The battery pack acts as the handle of the flashlight and can be charged connected or disconnected to head/bezel.

You can get an additional NBP52 battery pack to ensure you’ll always have one fully charged.

The NBP52 is the main reason why the flashlight is so heavy. However, it provides the power needed for such high-output light and is equivalent to having 18650 batteries.


When purchased from Amazon, the flashlight is enclosed in a box with foam packaging including:

  • Warranty Card
  • User / Instruction Manual
  • Strap + mount-clips
  • Lanyard
  • Wall Charger

It’s pretty neat that a shoulder-strap is included for extended use during search and rescue + emergencies.

Material & Durability

Like most durable flashlights, the NiteCore TM36 is made with aluminum alloy. It uses an ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating for a clean and circular beam.

Impact Resistance

This NiteCore flashlight is impact resistant to 1.5 meters (m). Given the weight of the light, we would be more concerned with damaging other things - as it can easily dent a car.

Waterproof / Water Resistance

The Tiny Monster TM36 is both waterproof and 2 meters (m) submersible with an IPX-8 rating.

Dimensions and Weight

The TM36 flashlight weighs heavy at about 3 lbs with a length of 10.94 inches and head diameter of 3.54 inches.

  • Length: 10.94”
  • Head Diameter: 3.54”
  • Tube Diameter: 0.50”

Conclusion: Our NiteCore TM36 Review

The TM36 is definitely a solid choice when you’re able to take on a heavier flashlight in exchange for a lot more power. Despite that, you can also mount it on a tripod or use it with a shoulder strap for prolonged use.

This Tiny Monster has incredible beam distance and would suit you well for emergencies including search and rescue.

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