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The Streamlight MicroStream is a super compact, durable and bright every-day-carry (EDC) pen light. It is incredibly user-friendly and comes at an affordable price.

The Streamlight 66318 is perfect as your key chain flashlight, in your tool-box or hunting/outdoor jacket - and general indoor home use. The size and output make it not so suitable for tactical settings but could be used as a concealed carry depending on your hand size.


Output and Runtime

The MicroStream flashlight has a single output of 28 lumens and runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Throw Distance

The 66318 Streamlight throws very far considering the flashlight’s size with a maximum throw distance of 52 meters.

Peak Beam Intensity

The MicroStream has a peak beam intensity of 586 candela per lumen (cd/lm) - making for a decent flood light.


With a single one-button tail switch, the 66318 is very intuitive and much like other flashlights. You can press it fully and click the button to turn it off and on - and lightly press it for momentary.

Additional Features

The Streamlight MicroStream 66318 uses a bright high-flux 1/2-watt LED bulb with a lifetime up to 30,000 hours. It also features a micro optical system for efficient output and run time.

Material and Durability

The Streamlight 66318 has a body casing that is corrosion resistant made with aluminum alloy.

Water / Impact Resistance

While the MicroStream flashlight is not completely waterproof, it is IPX-4 rated for water resistance. The light is O-ring sealed with a scratch resistant polycarbonate lens.

There are reviews on Amazon from users who say that they dropped it in salt-water and functioned after retrieving it. That being said, we still don’t recommend having the flashlight submersed underwater.

Impact Resistance

The flashlight can handle a bit of a beating with up to 1 meter of impact resistance.


  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Body Diamater: 0.60 inches
  • Weight: 1.04 ounces with battery


To go along with the MicroStream’s portability, the Streamlight 66318 is powered by only one triple AAA alkaline battery.

The battery is also conveniently included when bought from Amazon.

Maximum Runtime

This Streamlight flashlight has a maximum runtime of 2.25 hours.

Conclusion: Our Streamlight MicroStream Review

The Streamlight MicroStream 66318 is one of best EDC pocket flashlights on there in the market. It is compact, extremely durable and user-friendly for easy one-hand operation. We highly suggest for general indoor or low-light use. Be sure to check it out.

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