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The NEBO Slyde 6156 is one of the more unique flashlights on the market. The 6156 is not as tactical as the others, but its flashlight/worklight combination make it perfect for general and outdoor activities.

NEBO Tools is a company that doesn’t just focus on flashlights, but safety and utility tools as well; this stays especially true with the NEBO Slyde.

The 6156 Slyde by NEBO is perfect to keep in the glove compartment in your car, or in your home toolbox.


Maximum Output and Runtime

The NEBO Slyde 6156 is a simple flashlight offers two output levels - one for the worklight and another for the flashlight:

  • Worklight
    • Output: 250 lumens
    • Runtime: 2 hours
  • Flashlight
    • Output: 190 lumens
    • Runtime: 3.5 hours

We would have liked to see additional modes like strobe or SOS - or even a low output mode. Given the pricing for this flash / work -light, it makes sense that the amount of outputs are limited.


This worklight hybrid flashlight is very user-friendly and easy to use. It has one button to turn on and off the lights.

The sequence is on and off for the flashlight, then on and off again for the worklight. Basically, the on-off sequence goes back and forth between the worklight and the flashlight.


The LED is from an unknown brand - so don’t expect it to be as good as something like a CREE led bulb. However, it is still pretty good and bright. In combination with the 6156’s deep reflector, the beam throws very far with a centered hotspot.

Maximum Throw Distance

The NEBO Slyde has a maximum throw distance of 230 meters (~754 feet) in flashlight mode - and 18.5 (~61 feet) meters in work light mode.

Additional Features

In addition to the worklight, the strong magnet and tail stand makes this flashlight great for the money. The magnet makes the NEBO Slyde the perfect light when working on your car as you can attach the light on any metal surface on your car.

Working in trades or in the home basement as the magnet allows you to work hands free.


Along with its simple one button functionality, the NEBO Slyde 6156 requires 4 triple AAA batteries. These everyday batteries make it very convenient to replace. The runtimes are longer when using the work light.

We definitely would’ve appreciated having an additional low mode if case we wanted to extend the runtime. It’s not too big of a problem since it’s pretty common to have spare triple AAA batteries.

Material and Durability


  • Barrel Diamater: 1.3 inches
  • Head Diameter: 1.6 inches

The NEBO Slyde has 6.5 inches in length with the worklight concealed, and 9 inches once exposed.

The flashlight is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It has a good weight and feeling to it but could use some better grip.

Fortunately there are some flat slides around the light to prevent it from rolling on unflat surfaces.

Waterproof / Water Resistant

The NEBO Slyde is not waterproof. It is, however, water and weather resistant. There’s no documented IPX rating but we’re guessing around IPX 4.


The light comes in black with red trim - and a camoflauge color.

Conclusion: Our NEBO Slyde Review

The NEBO Slyde is an amazing flash-worklight combination that comes with an amazing price. It’s well built, easy to use, and the tail stand & magnet make it perfect for any work or construction setting.

While it could use some more features, like an additional low output and strobe/SOS - the affordability of the light given what it offers makes it too good to pass up.

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