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The ThruNite T10 is part of the company’s compact flashlight series of EDC lights and torches. The T10 light is a great backpacking flashlight. It’s convenient to carry in your side or back-pocket and works well both outdoors and indoors. Thrunite’s T10 is unique with its flexible single-hand focused operation.

It’s priced in the same range and its competitors like the Fenix E05 and Klarus Mi7

Overall, the ThruNite T10 is a great light, and worth considering as your everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. You can check out its price and more reviews on Amazon, or continue reading below.


Maximum Output and Runtime

The T10 ThruNite light features 3 different modes:

  • High:
    • Output: 252 lumens
    • Runtime: 1.5 hours
  • Low:
    • Output: 13 lumens
    • Runtime: 40 hours
  • Firefly:
    • Output: 0.2 lumens
    • Runtime: 240 hours

The Firefly mode is great for something like looking for your keys in the dark. The Low mode would serve you well for lighting up a large spot in a dark room or hallway. And the High output mode is more suitable for night walks when you need a longer throw and larger flood.

The T10 uses a CREE XP-L V6 LED bulb with a deep orange peel reflector to provide a nice throw, with a smooth spot and flood light.

Maximum Throw/Beam Distance

The ThruNite T10 has a maximum throw distance of 65 meters (m).

Peak Beam Intensity

The peak beam intensity of ThruNite’s T10 is 1062 candela/lm (cd/lm).


The ThruNite T10 has two different types of switches for operating the light: twist bezel and tail-switch.

You can double click or half-press the tails-switch to cycle through the different outputs. The half-press is good if you want to avoid making any sounds. For the twist-bezel, simply tighten and loosen the bezel to cycle through the modes.

Unfortunately there’s no momentary - at least without switching between modes.

The T10 has a convenient memory function that will remember your last-used setting for ~1-2 seconds after turning it off. It’s a good feature to have for, let’s say a security guard as he won’t have to cycle through Firefly/Low to access the high mode - or vice versa.

The tail-switch is deep enough that it functions as a tail-stand.


This compact ThruNite flashlight uses a very accessible, single double AA battery - makes it perfect for any emergency situations. You can install the battery by twisting the head or bezel. There’s also reverse polarity protection just in case you install your battery incorrectly.


When purchased from Amazon, the ThruNite T10 is delivered in a nice tin box with the flashlight, instruction manual, diffuser, extra O-ring and pocket clip.

The diffuser is a nice addition for creating a neat minature latern that you can use for camping - or directing traffic / signalling.

The clip is very durable and secured with included screws.

Material & Durability

Dimensions and Weight

ThruNite’s T10 is very small and light-weight at 32 grams (g) without its battery.

  • Length: 90 mm
  • Diameter: 18.6 mm

Impact Resistance

The T10 Flashlight is all-metal and designed with an aluminum body and a tough ultra-clear glass lens. It is impact resistant up to 1 meter.

Waterpoof / Water Resistant

The ThruNite T10 is water proof with an IPX-8 rating, and can be submerged underwater down to 2 meters (m).

Conclusion: Our Thrunite T10 Review

The ThruNite T10 torch is a great EDC flashlight that provides good illumination for indoors and general outdoor-use. It is versatile with its functionality, providing a bezel-twist switch and a tail-switch for cycling through outputs, and durable for most strenous activities.

We highly recommend you check out ThruNite’s T10 flashlight on Amazon, and see what other people are saying about this light.

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