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The Fenix LD75C is a compact but powerful 4200 lumen LED flashlight that is unique in that it comes with secondary multi-color white, green, red and blue LEDs that are easily accessible with slide switch mode. This compact light would be very suitable as your EDC. At less than 16-cm long, the LD75 it can be easily stored in a toolbox, glove compartment, or backpack. This light also features intelligent thermal control and double circuit design for flexible and reliable power use.

It comes with all the standard features including, several different brightness outputs, a solid body and rechargeable batteries as well as an array of other features which we will showcase in our Fenix LD75C review below

Specs (Specifications)

Output and Runtime

The Fenix LD75C LED torch offers 5 different brightness outputs with varying degrees of runtimes as well as 5 specialized modes of operation including red, green, blue, and white as well as an impressively powerful strobe mode:

  • Turbo mode
    • Output: 4000 lumens (4200 lumens when combined with the 200-Lumen secondary white LED in the specialized mode)
    • Runtime: 1 hour 30 min
  • High mode
    • Output: 1800 lumens
    • Runtime: 3 hours
  • Medium mode
    • Output: 600 lumens
    • Runtime: 11 hours
  • Low
    • Output: 200 lumens
    • Runtime: 35 hours
  • Eco
    • Output: 40 lumens
    • Runtime: 175 hours
  • 5 specialized modes of operation
    • Red: 140 lumens/40 hours
    • Green: 190 lumens/11 hours
    • Bluet: 45 lumens/11 hours
    • White: 200 lumens/11 hours
    • Strobe: 4000 lumens

The color lights are controlled in the same manner by pressing the button with the C on it.

It is quite extraordinary to see such a compact flashlight showcasing such a wide range of brightness and color capabilities. At 4000 lumens, The LD75 delivers an extreme amount of power and is very practical for big or small situations. It is a decent sized light and is extremely durable.

It offers a unique feature in that you are able to run the normal white light as well as the color light simultaneously. This light is adaptable to whatever brightness you may need and easily outperforms many larger high-performance lights. With 10 different brightness outputs, this light is ideal for frequent everyday use using the low to high modes.

It is also a great light to use for emergency, defense, or tactical purposes utilizing the strobe or color modes. It has a nice feature in that the white center LED is a flood. The LD75C is absolutely multiple lights in one. It is able to adapt to whatever brightness you may need and overcome any obstacle.

One of the few downsides of the Fenix LD75C is the price. At upwards of $250 to $300 dollars, this is a price that may be out of the market for some. However, this may be the last light you need to invest in and its amazing features far outweigh the cost.

Throw Distance

The LD75C uses utilizes Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs and XM-L color LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It is protected by a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating giving this light an impressive maximum throw distance of 490 meters or 1608 feet.

Peak Intensity

At a peak beam intensity of 60,000 candela per lumen (cd/lm) the Fenix LD75C offers a great balance of spot/flood beam with the lower settings offering great spot beams and the powerful 4000 lumen setting offering great throw for a larger spot. This light provides a massive amount of power making it ideal for every situation. Its numerous brightness settings allow it the versatility of illuminating any distance with a decent amount of focus.


The switches for the Fenix LD75C are located in the head and are divided into three separate buttons. Each is a different shape and is marked with a distinct symbol, making each identifiable by touch. The buttons protrude from the frame making it easy to operate even while wearing gloves, and each controls a separate function:

  • On and off: To turn the four XM-L2 of this LD75C, hold the button with the IO symbol on the upper right corner. To turn off, repeat the operation.
  • Changing Modes: Once the light is on, a simple click on the same switch toggles between the five main modes of white light (Eco-Low-Med-High-Turbo) in ascending order.
  • Memory: The light remembers the last mode used, and turns on in it the next activation. The memory function works even if we remove the batteries.
  • Strobe: To access the 4000LM white light variable frequency strobe mode just do a simple click on the third button located at the bottom and identified with a “flash” symbol. Access is instant, whether the flashlight is on or off.
  • Shortcut to Turbo: Through a long press on the third button we will access the Turbo mode instantly, again regardless of whether the flashlight is on or off.


The LD75C is powered by 4 rechargeable Li-ion 18650 batteries or 8 CR123A lithium batteries. The housing for the batteries is directly machined into the body of the flashlight, without the typical battery cartridge holder. It is equipped with reverse polarity protection which guards against improper battery installation.

The LD75C also features a convenient battery charge indicator. By double clicking on the C button, the flashlight will issue a 3 second flash indicating by its color the status of the batteries. Green equals maximum, blue medium and red minimum charge.

Dimensions and durability


The LD75C measures in at 6.3 inches and can easily be used as an EDC. It fits with ease in the pocket of a jacket or bag and only weighs about 430 grams, making it not too light and also not too heavy.

Water Proof / Water Resistance

Like many high quality Fenix flashlights, the LD75C is IPX-8 rated waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters underwater.

Impact Resistance

This torch features a strong dependable body made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, except for the bezel which is steel with a sand-blasted finish making it a fairly tough light. It has an impact resistance of 1 meter making it likely to fair well if dropped or banged a few times.


The Fenix LD75C comes with a number of convenient accessories. These include LD75C Flashlight, 4 Fenix 3500mAh rechargeable batteries, ARE-C2 Digital charger, holster, Lanyard, spare O-Ring, and lumen tactical battery organizer. This light comes with pretty much all the necessary accessories without having to buy anything separately.

On Amazon they come with 4 Edison branded batteries.

Conclusion: Our Fenix LD75C Review

The Fenix LD75C is a compact EDC that comes with the features that many regular sized flashlights have as well as secondary multi-color white, green, red and blue LEDs. It also features digitally regulated output to maintain constant brightness, reverse-polarity protection to prevent damage from incorrect battery installation, and over heat protection.

In addition, it provides a battery power level indicator so you are never left with an unexpected dead battery. This light, with its variety of brightness settings, is the “Marine” of all flashlights. It is ideal for everyone from a teenager to an elderly person.

This light, although not very big, really packs it in. With its long run times, extreme brightness, convenience, and indestructability, it may just be the last light you will have to buy, or at least an awesome one to add to your collection.

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