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The Klarus XT11GT is one of the best and brightest led tactical flashlight on the market. With 4 different brightness settings, a good size and USB charging, the XT11GT can prepare you for any situation.

Klarus Lighting Technology is a reliable flashlight brand rivaling Nitecore and SureFire. Their flashlights are ideal for:

  • Law enforcement / Police
  • Military
  • Outdoor: Industrial or Civilian

The XT Series focuses on tactical use and the XT11GT model is one of the most flexible of the series.


Maximum Output and Runtime

The XT11GT offers 3 programmable settings:

  1. Tactical (One-Touch & Default)
    • Strobe
    • Turbe
    • Low
  2. Outdoor
    • Turbo
    • Low
    • Strobe
    • SOS
    • Mode Memory
  3. Advanced Tactical
    • Turbo
    • Strobe

The Tactical setting can adjust the amount of output (lumens):

  • Turbo
    • Output: 2000 lumens
    • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • High
    • Output: 400 lumens
    • Runtime: 3.5 hours
  • Medium
    • Output: 100 lumens
    • Runtime: 12 hours
  • Low
    • Output: 10 lumens
    • Runtime: 170 hours
  • Strobe
    • Output: 2000 lumens
    • Runtime: 1.7 hours
  • SOS
    • Output: 100 lumens
    • Runtime: 36 hours

Maximum Runtime

THe XT11GT has a maximum runtime of 170 hours in tactical: low mode.

What is the XT11GT maximum throw / flood distance?

The maximum throw distance for the XT11GT is 315 meters (1036.7 feet).

What is its peak beam intensity?

The peak beam intensity is 24,964 candela per lumen (cd / lumen). The XT11GT outputs a great spot beam perfect for lighting objects at long distances.

Additional Features

  • Mode memory: Allows you to switch to your most recent mode.
  • Lock mode: Preventing accidental use for eye safety and saving battery
  • Smart ITS temperature system: Monitors internal temperature to protect LEDs and flashlight components for safety and optimium performance.

Material and Durability


  • Alluminum alloy body; HA III hard anodizing
  • Tempered Glass Lens with AR Film Plating: Scratch Resistant
  • Stainless steel bezel


This 2000 lumen flashlight is very lightweight yet robust. It has a scratch-resistant lens and alluminum alloy body with 1 meter of impact resistance.

It’s worth noting that this model has dual battery springs for improved shock resistance - perfect if you’re looking for a flashlight to mount on your bike.

Is the XT11GT waterproof?

Yes. The flashlight is IPX-8 waterproof maximum 2 meters underwater.

Size and Dimensions

  • Bezel: 34.9 mm (1.37 inches)
  • Body: 25.4 mm (1 inch)
  • Length: 142.6 mm (5.61 inches)
  • Weight: 130 g (4.58 oz) without battery


The XT11GT is compatible with one 18650 battery (with PCB protection) or two CR123A batteries.

One high quality 18650 battery is included in the package.

It is USB rechargeable and has a cover to for dust and water protection.

This Klarus light features reverse polarity protection to prevent damage from installing the battery incorrectly i.e. reversing the battery.

There’s a color indicator light on the body just below the bezel to show how much charge is remaining. It ensures that the light can be used efficiently given how much power is available.

  • Green: Over 70% capacity
  • Orange: 30%-70% charge available
  • Red: Less than 30% capacity
  • Red and Flashing: Less than 10% remaining


The package includes:

  • 18650 Battery
  • Holster
  • Lanyard and O Ring
  • USB Cable

In addition, you can buy other accessories sold separately:

  • Filter (Red, Green, Blue, etc.)
  • Gun Mount
  • Charger
  • Dual Remote Switch
  • Traffic Wand White Diffuser

Conclusion: Our Klarus XT11GT Review

The Klarus XT11GT is a rugged, sophisticated and powerful light. The functionality can get a bit complex for new users with the three switches but the XT11GT has a mode for virtually any setting.

The overall quality is solid and is one of the best 18650 battery powered tactical flashlights on the market.

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