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The SureFire E2L Outdoorsman is a compact EDC flashlight with dual-output LED bulbs. It’s advertised as being virtually indestructible - in other words it’s a very durable flashlight. The E2L outdoorsman is on the expensive end when it comes to pocket sized every-day-carry flashlights, so you’re paying a premium for high-quality material and build.

We don’t recommend the E2L for any tactical settings, be sure to check out the Fenix PD35 or Nitecore P12 for that type of use. The SureFire E2L is great for camping, hiking, walking or any general outdoor activities.


Output and Runtime

The E2L Outdoorsman offers two different output modes: high and low. The high mode has a maximum output of 60 lumens with a runtime of 11 hours - while the low mode as an output of 3 lumens and runtime of 100 hours.

This SureFire flashlight won’t give you incredible throw distance but it’s pretty decent for general outdoor tasks like walking or hiking.


The Outdoorsman uses a one button functionality on the tail of the flashlight. You can click once for the low mode and click twice for the high mode. There is a momentary function if you lightly depress the button without clicking it.

You could do some sort of manual strobe but you’d essentially be switching between the high and low modes.

Material and Durability

The majority of the price that you’re paying with this light comes in with its super-high quality construction and durability. The SureFire E2L has a strong all aluminum body that gives it a nice solid feel.

It features a very aggressive knurling which is heavily underweighted when it comes to flashlight grips. The knurling is a nice rough checkered pattern.

Unfortunately there is no listed IPX rating or impact measurement value for the SureFire E2L - but many users have reported that the flashlight is water, grease and oil resistant.


The Outdoorsman E2L is compatible with CR123A lithium batteries that are also included in the Amazon package. It has a long 10 year shelf life.

Conclusion: Our SureFire E2L Review

The SureFire E2L is a very durable dual-output flashlight that will definitely last you a long time. The Outdoorsman is priced on the higher end of compact EDC flashlights, but what you get is a high-quality American-made flashlight.

That being said, we still recommend you check out other EDC flashlights like the Streamlight Stylus Pro, Fenix E05 or Streamlight MicroStream if you’re interested in shopping for alternatives.

If not, be sure to check out the SureFire E2L on Amazon.

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