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The Fenix E12 is a compact LED flashlight with a max output of 130 lumens. It is a simple flashlight with a sturdy build quality and simple functionality. The E12 flashlight is one of Fenix’s most EDC’s, alongside the PD35 and the EO5.

The E12 is the upgraded version of the Fenix E11. It has improved functionality from its previous side button/twist and two modes. The Fenix E12 flashlight is definitely worth the upgrade.

Our Fenix E12 review shows that the torch is an easy-to-use and reliable flashlight, great for beginners/kids or as a professional’s spare everyday-carry (EDC).

E12 Fenix Flashlight Specs

The Fenix E12 LED has 3 light outputs:

  • High:
    • Output: 130 lumens
    • Runtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Medium:
    • Output: 50 lumens
    • Runtime: 6 hours and 3 minutes
  • Low:
    • Output: 8 lumens
    • Runtime: 40 hours

In practical use, you’re likely not going to be using the high output a lot. Runtimes are limited but it’s definitely nice to have for home protection (intruders) or far distances. On the other hand, you’ll be using the medium and low modes a lot. The medium mode is great for general camping/hiking use, while the low mode is perfect for search through your bag or looking at a map.

Throw Distance

The Fenix E12 has an efficient total reflection lens, giving the light a maximum throw distance of 289 feet (ft).


The E12 flashlight’s maximum intensity is 1936 candela / lumen (cd per lm). It provides an even flood beam perfect for close-up illumination.

This compact torch comes standard with a digitally regulated output for consistent brightness.


The E12 flashlight is very easy to use with a single tail switch. You can fully click it to turn it off and on. Once on, half-click it to cycle through the modes. The button is slightly recessed to prevent accidental usage. The tail-cap can also act as a stand for hands-free candlelight.

The flashlight starts on the low mode and cycles through the medium and high. While it may be more tactical to have a flashlight to start in its highest mode, it’s nice to turn on the light and not having yourself accidentally blinded.


It uses a XP-E2 LED bulb which allows the torch to provide a high 130-lumen max output with only one double AA battery.

As said before, this is a very simple and straightforward flashlight so it doesn’t have any strobe or SOS modes.

Dimensions and Durability


The Fenix E12 weighs very light at only 1.0 ounce, and compact with a 3.54 inch length and 0.75 inch diameter - great for keeping in your pocket or carry-on bag. It’s about the size of an adult male’s index finger.


It’s handle has a good grip - made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. The material is designed an anti-roll and slip-resistant design. The body has nice checkered knurling and feels great in your hands.

Impact Resistance

Like most high-quality Fenix flashlights, the E12 is incredibly durable with 1 meter of impact resistance. You can get away with dropping it accidently from your hands without damaging the light.

Water Resistance

The Fenix E12 is very friendly-friendly with an IPX-8 water-resistent rating - meaning it can be submerged underwater up to 2 meters (m)


The E12 LED flashlight has a max runtime of 40 hours when left in its low mode. The torch conveniently uses a common single double AA rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery (NI-MH Akaline).

The Fenix E12’s battery cavity has reverse polarity protection in the off chance of installing the battery incorrectly.


There aren’t many accessories that come with or to be used with the E12. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a pocket clip: removable nor permanent. Like many EDC flashlights, the Fenix E12 comes with a wrist-length lanyard.

However, it can fit in the Fenix headstrap despite being so small - so that can be one option.

Conclusion: Our Fenix E12 Review

The E12 only comes with three modes - and without the bells and whistles of strobe, sos or memory. However, this torch is incredibly bright, compact, straightforward and very easy-to-use. It’s as durable as many of the full-sized tactical lights on the market, and just as reliable. If you’re looking for a simple EDC flashlight that just works, we highly recommend the Fenix E12.

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