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The NEBO Big Larry is an affordable, bright and durable work light. While not a tactical EDC like many of the other flashlights we have reviewed on this site, the Big Larry Light is perfect if you’re looking solely for a hands-free flashlight.

If you haven’t checked it out already, we highly recommend the NEBO Slyde if you’re looking for a tactical and work light combination.

The NEBO Big Larry LED light is great for having in your car in case you need to change your tire or check your engine in the dark - as well as your toolbox for general home use.

With its magnetic base and bright output, the Big Larry LED makes for a solid choice.


Output and Runtime

The NEBO Big Larry flashlight features 3 output modes:

  • High:
    • Output: 400 lumens
    • Runtime: 4.5 hours
  • Low:
    • Output: 160 lumens
    • Runtime: 15 hours
  • Strobe

You can get away with a lot of practical use the low mode as its still significantly bright.

The strobe is a flashing red light that uses less LEDs than the low mode, so it likely has a lower output and a longer runtime. The red light makes the strobe mode perfect for signalling or catching attention.

The Big Larry NEBO features a COB (chip on board) type of LED output, using many LEDs to create a light diffusion for a wider beam.


The user-design of the NEBO Big Larry is a bit different than other flashlights on the market. Because of the magnetic base at the base of the body, the switch is located on the top.

You can turn it on with the rubber top and cycle through the modes with the same switch.

The magnetic base is incredibly strong and perfect for hands-free operation. You can stick it to a car hood, or any type of steel surface.

Material and Durability


The entire body of the Big Larry is made of metal that is anodized, except for the lens which feels like it’s made of plastic. With that in mind, the plastic lens is very sturdy and has extra protection for impact with the recessed LEDs inside it.

Dimensions and Weight

The flashlight comes at 7.9 inches long and 7.5 oz in weight. Like other flashlights in the Larry series, the design is a long pencil shape with one area to hold onto, another for the LEDs.


The Big Larry also comes in black, silver and most recently red.


The NEBO Big Larry conveniently uses a 3 double AA batteries that are included in the package from Asmazon.

While it may not be as powerful as a CR123A or 18630 battery, the Big Larry still has an impressive runtime of 15 hours in low mode.

Conclusion: Our NEBO Big Larry Review

The NEBO Big Larry is one of the best priced work lights out there on the market. With its handy and strong magnet, and wide beam output, the flashlight is perfect for any work setting. Although, because of its size, we do recommend getting a side pocket light as well, like the Fenix E05 or SureFire Sidekick.

Either way, definitely check out the NEBO Big Larry on Amazon!

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