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The Outlite A100 is an affordable and multi-functional LED flashlight. It is a great beginner flashlight and comes with batteries included on Amazon. The A100 is classified as a survival tool but is more suitable for hiking/camping settings versus tactical.


Light Output and Flashlight Modes

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

The High mode outputs approximately 700-900 lumens with the Low mode outputting ~100 lumens. Medium mode is about 400-500 lumens.

What is the throw distance of the A100?

It provides a good spot beam (cd per lumen) for distant objects at 30 feet wide. On full zoom and high output, the flashlight can reach about 150 feet.

Is the Outlite A100 waterproof?

This flashlight is water resistant and not waterproof. That being said, we do not recommend dropping this flashlight in water. It is fine with being used in the rain.

Additional Features

This tactical flashlight is capable of operating standing up on a flat surface to serve as an emergency candle.

There is a variable focus / adjustable zoom on the bezel to either spread or focus the beam depending on what you want illuminated.

The flashlight has a push button on the tail:

  • Lightly press the button once to change brightness
  • Lightly press twice to switch to strobe and SOS modes

A firm click of the button turns the flashlight on and off.


When purchased on Amazon, the A100 comes with one 3.7V 18650 rechargeable battery. Some enthusiasts say they can use the flashlight for 3 weeks and still not deplete the battery.

It is also compatible wth 3 Triple AAA batteries.

With the charger, it takes about 4 hours to full recharge the battery. The package comes with a plastic tube / jacket so that the included battery fits well in the casing.


The package from Amazon comes with:

  • AAA Battery adaptor
  • 18650 Battery (3600 mah)
  • White plastic battery tube (for included battery)
  • Charger
  • Lanyard

It also comes with a mini LED flashlight keychain which is also super bright.

Dimensions and Durability

The body is made up of a rugged aluminum construction: 6061T alloy. It’s very durable and can resist being dropped several times; perfect for camping and hiking. However, it has a plastic lens so it would be best not to drop it on its head.

It is very light to carry and weighs about 150 grams (g).


  • Body: 6.8 inches / 130 mm
  • Head: 4.5 inches / 38 mm
  • Tail: 1.9 inches / 26 mm

Conclusion: Our Outlite A100 Review

Overall, the Outlite A100 is a solid starter LED flashlight at a very affordable price. It’s not waterproof but its durable and solid construction makes it great for outdoors. The package comes with everything you need to get started with the battery included.

The adjustable zoom and different output modes makes the A100 very flexible for most situations, specifically camping and hiking.

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