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The J5 Hyper V tactical flashlight is a relatively new flashlight that is simple, compact, and works as it’s supposed to.

J5 Tactical is one of many illumination brands that manufactures flashlights for tactical use, outdoors, and daily home use. They’re best known as the official flashlight brand of Joe Gibbs Racing and Carl Edwards #19 ARRIS Toyota Camry NASCAR.

The Hyper V is the 400 lumen model of the J5 Tactical series.

Despite it being called a tactical light, we would recommend it for the following activities:

  • Hunting
  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • Outdoor Use


Output and Runtime

The J5 Hyper V has a maximum runtime of 400 lumens. It only has two output modes: low and high.

While it official says it’s compatible with triple AAA batteries - the runtimes on those aren’t so great. We highly recommend going with one 18650 rechargeable battery for significantly longer runtimes as mentioned by many other of our users.

Additionally, the J5 Hyper V includes a strobe for tactical or emergency situations.

It uses a J5 Hyper V proprietary LED. The bulb isn’t exactly CREE standards but it’s pretty good given its price point.

Adjustable Focus

It has an adjustable focus to narrow or widen the flashlight’s beam - creating varying amounts of spill depending on how wide the beam is.

Throw Distance

With the adjustable focus at the most narrow beam seting, the J5 Hyper V and throw pretty far at several hundred yards at night.


This J5 Tactical light features only one tail tap switch. This switch is used for both turning the light on-off - as well as switching between the 3 modes.

With that in mind, we don’t recommend this light for intense tactical use as the one button switch is pretty limiting in situations where 1-3 seconds can have a huge impact.

The adjustable lens can be used by sliding the head/bezel up for narrowing the beam, and down for widening the beam.

Material and Durability

Size and Dimensions

The Hyper V is a good pocket sized light with a length of 5.25 inches, head diamater of 1.25 inches, and tail diameter of 1 inch:

  • Length: 5.0 inches
  • Head Diameter: 1.25 inches
  • Tail Diamater: 1 inch

It’s has a light-weighing feel at only 3.7 oz without its battery.


The J5 Hyper V is very durability and is made of aluminum alloy material. There is no official record of a measure of impact resistance, but given that it is not anodized or waterproof, we advise being careful with it.


The J5 Hyper V is a standalone light like the other J5 Tactical products so there aren’t any accessories that come or can be purchased with it.

You can probably find a bike mount for generic compact size lights. We don’t recommend mounting this on a firearm.

Conclusion: Our J5 Hyper V Review

The J5 Hyper V is incredibly well-made for the price is being sold at. While it doesn’t come with features like SOS or momentary, this light will definitely get the job done for general outdoor use.

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