NiteCore is a Singapore-based manufacturer of tactical flashlights, lights for camping, hunting, indoors and other general-outdoor use. Despite not being manufactured in USA, NiteCore is incredibly well-made and competes closely with Fenix and Klarus counterparts.

The TM36 is a powerful searchlight with a very impressive throw, similar to NiteCore’s TM26. It features an LED most typical with high-output flashlights and designed for maximum heat dissipation. Our NiteCore TM36 review will cover the torch’s specs, functionality, and beam - including how the light may differ from... Read more

The NiteCore P12 is a responsive and portable tactical flashlight that offers a competiive price considering the features and specifications of the product. It is often compared with the Fenix PD35. The choice between them is a matter of personal preference - as they hold their own as good tactical... Read more

The NiteCore TM26 boasts itself as the world’s smallest and brightest flashlight - with light beam outputs at 4000 lumens. The TM26 is more of a searchlight, than tactical. What you gain in high lumens, you lose with its heavy weight and your overall agility with the flashlight. That being... Read more

The NiteCore SRT7 (aka Revenger) is one of the more unique tactical flashlights on the market. The SRT7 is part of NiteCore’s SmartRing Tactical series which features a rotating wheel for selecting the different modes and outputs. Like many other NiteCore flashlights like the NiteCore P12 and NiteCore MH12, the... Read more

The NiteCore EC11 is a compact 900 lumen LED flashlight that is unique in that it comes with a secondary red light. The EC11 would be very suitable as your EDC (everyday-carry). With the secondary red, this NiteCore flashlight would a great asset when camping or hiking for signaling use.... Read more

The NiteCore MH12 is a versatile flashlight part of NiteCore’s MH series: Multi-Task hybrid. It features a tactical tail switch and side switch - catering to tactical users and general outdoor enthusiasts. The MH12 NiteCore flashlight is perfect for activities like: Gear Hunting Law Enforcement and/or Policing Military Outdoor/Camping/Hiking Search... Read more